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  • Double Door (Inverter) Refrigerator Checkup - OyeBusyDouble Door (Inverter) Refrigerator Checkup - OyeBusy
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Single Door
  • Single Door Refrigerator Checkup - OyeBusySingle Door Refrigerator Checkup - OyeBusy
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    • Price includes visit & diagnosis
    • Spare part rates applicable as per rate card
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    • Price includes visit & diagnosis
    • Spare part rates applicable as per rate card

The fridge is one of the most frequently used appliances in modern houses, which plays a vital role in preserving food's freshness and preventing its deterioration. It is an essential ingredient in our kitchen to preserve freshness and safety for consumption of foodstuffs, leftovers or beverages. However, a malfunction of the refrigerator may interrupt our everyday routine and result in food waste, financial loss or inconvenience.

Professional refrigerator repair in noida are of no doubt important, as they not only restore the functionality of your fridge but extend its life by saving money and contributing to reducing food waste. 

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  • OyeBusy Home Services provided excellent service! They were prompt, professional, and fixed my issue with ease. I highly recommend their services for anyone in need of home repairs.
  • I'm very impressed with OyeBusy Home Services. Their team was friendly and knowledgeable, and they quickly resolved my problem. I'll definitely use them again for any future home service needs.
  • I had a great experience with OyeBusy Home Services. Their technicians were skilled and efficient, and the pricing was reasonable. I'm a satisfied customer and would gladly recommend them.

FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

Oyebusy has verified specialists, who repair and provide services in both residential and commercial spaces for refrigerators of any brand (Samsung, LG, Whirlpool, Haier etc). Our service experts can help you with any size of a refrigerator with assured guarantee.

Refrigerator maintenance is very simple and you can do it yourself. Following are some tips:<br> Inspect the door gasket for dirt. They may prevent the refrigerator doors from shutting tightly and put more stress on the motor<br> Clean the refrigerator coils at the back of the fridge with a dry cloth to help the refrigerator run efficiently Fill it just right. One should not overload the fridge or keep shelves empty <br> Defrost the freezer regularly. Generally refrigerators now self defrost, but in case yours doesn’t, make sure you defrost the freezer <br> Get repairs done as soon as you notice a problem

Ideally every 3 months of refrigerator maintenance keeps it functioning well. However, you can do it every 6 months for the lack of time.

Refrigerator maintenance can be done by yourself and would not cost you anything. Urban Company does not provide refrigerator maintenance as a service. However, you can check with the service expert if they would do it for you. <br><br> The cost of refrigerator repair depends on certain factors such as: Model of the refrigerator If any part needs to be replaced Size of the refrigerator

All our service experts come with experience and have been verified. They only carry the original brand and you can find the rate card on the app itself.

Yes. You can have your old refrigerator part back. The service expert is supposed to give it back to you so we suggest you ask for it back.

The lifespan of a refrigerator is anywhere between 10-20 years depending on how well it is maintained. Here are some factors that can help you decide whether a repair makes more sense or replacement:<br> Age of the fridge- If the fridge is older than 15 years, consider replacement Electricity cost- If you have a 10 year old fridge, investing in a highly rated energy efficient new fridge to cut back on electricity costs, would make sense.<br> Overall assessment- Spend time in assessing the problem with the fridge and understand your choices from the service expert

If your refrigerator is not cooling, following may be the problem:<br> Problem with the condenser coils or the door<br> Problem with the condenser fan motor<br> Problem with the evaporator fan motor

There are time when a refrigerator leaks water. Placing a cloth around it won’t really solve the problem and this needs to be looked at. Following can be the problem:<br> Clogged or freezing defrost drain: You can always check this yourself and thaw the ice with hot water to unclog the drain<br> Leaks in the water tank assembly<br> If the water inlet valve is cracked or loosely fitted

Certain refrigerators (like most appliances) start to make more noise if there is a problem. With regards to a fridge, following problems can occur:<br> If the fridge is noisy especially when you open the door, the evaporator or the condenser fan blade may be at fault<br> When the evaporator fan motor fails<br> A defective condenser fan motor

A service charge of Rs. 249 is absorbed in the final invoice if you get a repair done. Otherwise you incur this charge as part of the advice rendered or time given by the service expert to you.

Yes. All our experts come with a 30 day service guarantee.

Not necessarily. It completely depends on the problem the fridge is facing.

When you open the fridge, warm air combines with the cold air and condenses on the sides of the fridge creating moisture. This may result in excess build up of frost which may result in freezer burn or spoiled food.

Yes. Kindly state that your refrigerator is under warranty before the service expert visits you.

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About Refrigerator Repair in Noida

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  • We're aware there may be an urgent need for refrigerator breakdowns and we offer emergency repair services to help with critical situations as soon as possible.
  •  In order to provide the best possible Refrigerator Repair Noida, our technicians are constantly updated with the latest industry trends, technologies and repair techniques. 
  • By taking care of all the details of the repair, from diagnosis to completion, so that you can focus on your daily routine, we aim to provide you with a pleasant experience. 
  • By providing reliable, efficient, and professional Fridge Repair Noida, we aim to satisfy our customers and exceed their expectations.
  •  To diagnose problems with fridges swiftly, and to provide effective solutions for minimizing disruption and food degradability, technicians are trained. 
  • We've got expertise in dealing with common fridge problems like temperature fluctuations, leaks, odd noises, freezer malfunctions and so on.

Don't let your normal life be disturbed by a malfunctioning refrigerator! Today, you can choose our reliable refrigerator repair service, and you can experience prompt, efficient, and professional refrigerator repair. If you need to schedule an appointment or have your refrigerator repaired properly, please contact us immediately.