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About Pest Control Service

The Pest Control Service get almost 90% of termites killed by using only certified chemicals and strictly stick to the guidelines of the pest control process, OyeBusy gives you the most reliable pest control services because it employs only verified professionals who are experts in that field.

Termite Treatment:

It’s the top wanted termite control service, they include treating all holes with chemicals, to stop the further breeding of termites, cause small discreet holes in the houses are a hotspot for their breeding, after that, all the treated holes will be closed with white cement to prevent future infestation, another hotspot for a termite to be spotted is on the wooden furniture, Termites can cause damage to the structural wood of your house as well as in areas around your windows and doors. Serious infestations can even lead to damage inside the walls of your home and the wood furniture inside. This potential for damage makes a termite infestation one type of infestation that you cannot allow going untreated so get Termite Treatment.

Cockroach Control Treatment:

The Best cockroach control service, hence it includes a thorough inspection of the desired area. The pest control experts inspect the place and find cockroaches and other small flying insects in tricky hiding areas. The treatment will happen in two parts: two weeks spray treatment and the gel treatment. the two visits are designed in such a way that allows us to break the birth cycle of the pests in the first visit and targets the nymphs and eggs in the second visit. this helps in getting a long-lasting relief from pests. The customers are expected to shift all utensils for the pest control to take place conveniently. Also, it is advised to wipe or spray any other chemical on the gel to see the best results so get Cockraoch Pest Control.

Bed bugs Control Treatment:

Bed bugs treatment are a public health pest. While bed bugs have not been shown to transmit disease, they do cause a variety of negative physical health, mental health, and economic consequences. Mental health impacts people living in infested homes. Reported effects include anxiety, insomnia, and systemic reactions. you can book an appointment on the OyeBusy app/website to get rid of bedbugs today so get bed bugs control.

The OyeBusy pest control professionals will help you in getting rid of the bugs from all possible corners, by using only certified chemicals and strictly stick the guidelines of the pest control process, OyeBusy gives you the most reliable pest control services, because its employees only verified professionals who are experts in what they do.

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FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

Spraying of a diluted liquid chemical in all/infested areas of the house

Yes, customers need to empty the kitchen before the 1st visit. You can also choose it as an additional service while making the booking if you wish the professional does so.

No, the customer needs to wait 1-2 hours till the chemical is dry to place back the utensils. The professional will not place back the utensils even if the add-on is bought

Application of a semi-solid gel in all/infested areas of the house

The customer should not touch any sprayed surfaces till they are dry. Once chemical dries, do not wash the surface with water and soap, only a dry cloth

Yes, it is safe. However, it is advisable to keep children and pets away from sprayed surfaces till they are dry and keep an eye on them so they do not lick the surfaces later

The second visit targets eggs which may hatch later, hidden cockroaches and new cockroach-babies. Killing them via a 2nd visit enhances the effect of the service, even if the problem is eliminated after the 1st visit

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