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Premium Cleaning
  • Empty Apartment Premium Cleaning - OyeBusyEmpty Apartment Premium Cleaning - OyeBusy
    Stopwatch icon5 hour 50 min
    5 options
    • Wiping & mopping of floor & balcony, bathroom deep cleaning
    • Includes floor deep cleaning using single disc machine
  • 45005062
    Stopwatch icon8 hour
    5 options
    • Deep cleaning of bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen & balcony
    • Floor deep cleaning by single disc machine, vacuuming of sofa & carpets
  • Empty Independent Home Premium Cleaning - OyeBusyEmpty Independent Home Premium Cleaning - OyeBusy
    Stopwatch icon13 hour 59 min
    7 options
    • Wiping & mopping of floor & balcony, bathroom deep cleaning
    • Includes floor deep cleaning using single disc machine
  • Independent Home Premium Cleaning - OyeBusyIndependent Home Premium Cleaning - OyeBusy
    Stopwatch icon13 hour 35 min
    7 options
    • Deep cleaning of bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen & balcony.
    • Floor deep cleaning by single disc machine, vacuuming of sofa & carpets
Platinum Cleaning
  • 54996187
    Stopwatch icon10 hour 10 min
    5 options
    • Areas of Premium + deep cleaning of wooden floor & furniture
    • Includes wet vacuuming of sofa, mattresses and cushioned chairs
Mini Services
  • 2 cupbards' wet wiping (except kitchen) - OyeBusy2 cupbards' wet wiping (except kitchen) - OyeBusy
    Stopwatch icon40 min
    • Cleaning of the exterior surface & all interior part of one double-door wardrobe
    • Please empty your wardrobe before the professional arrives
  • Carpet Shampooing (Upto 25 sq. ft.) - OyeBusyCarpet Shampooing (Upto 25 sq. ft.) - OyeBusy
    Stopwatch icon30 min
    • 1 person | 40 mins | Deep cleaning
    • Cleaning & shampooing of carpet
  • Fridge Cleaning - OyeBusyFridge Cleaning - OyeBusy
    Stopwatch icon30 min
    • Deep cleaning of one fridge's interiors and exteriors
    • Dry cleaning of the back side
  • Furniture Wet Wiping - OyeBusyFurniture Wet Wiping - OyeBusy
    Stopwatch icon30 min
    • Home Renovation Waste Disposal - OyeBusyHome Renovation Waste Disposal - OyeBusy
      Stopwatch icon30 min
      • Disposal of 5 kg waste generated after carpentry work
    • Servant Room Cleaning - OyeBusyServant Room Cleaning - OyeBusy
      Stopwatch icon1 hour
      • Sofa & Cushions Shampooing (Upto 5 Seater) - OyeBusySofa & Cushions Shampooing (Upto 5 Seater) - OyeBusy
        Stopwatch icon40 min
        • Dusting & vacuuming of sofa to remove dirt & deposited dust
        • Dusting & vacuuming of cushions & their covers
      • Sticker, Glue & Heavy Paint Mark Removal - OyeBusySticker, Glue & Heavy Paint Mark Removal - OyeBusy
        Stopwatch icon20 min
        • Sticker and rigid paint mark removal from floor, tiles, furniture.

      Home cleaning is an integral part of our daily lives, contributing to personal health and hygiene. It is crucial to sanitize every corner of the house to eliminate dust, bacteria, and pollutants. Oye Busy Home Services offers the best home deep cleaning services Sushant Lok 2, Gurgaon, providing expert planning and flawless execution. Our team of professionals ensures high standards of deep cleaning, eliminating any chance of infection-causing germs or unpleasant odors.

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      • OyeBusy Home Services provided excellent service! They were prompt, professional, and fixed my issue with ease. I highly recommend their services for anyone in need of home repairs.
      • I'm very impressed with OyeBusy Home Services. Their team was friendly and knowledgeable, and they quickly resolved my problem. I'll definitely use them again for any future home service needs.
      • I had a great experience with OyeBusy Home Services. Their technicians were skilled and efficient, and the pricing was reasonable. I'm a satisfied customer and would gladly recommend them.

      FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

      Home deep cleaning goes beyond the typical tasks performed by a house maid. It involves a more extensive process with advanced equipment and a larger team. While a standard maid service might focus on basic tasks like sweeping and dusting, home deep cleaning covers every nook and cranny of your home thoroughly.

      Oyebusy's commitment to its customers, including its home deep cleaning service, revolves around providing highly trained professionals who maintain the highest quality standards and using top-notch cleaning products that are of professional grade.

      When you book a home deep cleaning service from Oyebusy, certain tasks are not included. These exclusions consist of washing dishes, cleaning walls and ceilings, floor polishing, wet shampooing for blinds, chairs, sofas, and carpets, as well as wooden furniture polishing.

      The duration of a home deep cleaning service depends on the specific package you choose and the size of your home, including the number of bedrooms. When you book the service, you can find an estimated duration in the "view details" section. Typically, home deep cleaning takes approximately 6 hours on average.

      Absolutely! You have the flexibility to select either a full deep cleaning service or opt for specific services that target particular areas of your home. If you only want your balcony cleaned, you can choose the balconies and window cleaning package.

      Yes, we do offer furniture cleaning services. If you don't require a complete home deep cleaning service, you can choose from our range of specific furniture cleaning services or packages.

      Our professional deep cleaners use the highest-grade products available, and they are safe for pets as well.

      While it's preferable for you to be at home during the cleaning process to ensure your satisfaction, you can communicate any specific areas or preferences to the cleaning professional even if you're not present.

      There are no hidden charges or additional costs. The service details provided on the app clearly outline what you'll receive for your payment, regardless of whether your home has been cleaned regularly or never before.

      Yes, we do. You can access office deep cleaning or commercial cleaning services by searching for them in the services section on the Oyebusy app to check availability in your area.

      We cater to a wide range of property types, from studio apartments to villas. If you don't find your specific option on the app, you can select a service that closely matches your needs and communicate your requirements to the professional. If you encounter any difficulties, our customer service center is available to assist you.

      Before the internal cleaning begins, we recommend removing expensive or valuable items from cabinets and wardrobes. Items displayed outside or in showcases or trolleys should also be cleared. Additionally, we advise having a detailed discussion with the assigned professional to convey your expectations.

      Oyebusy upholds stringent quality standards, with multiple levels of quality checks for its partners. Customer reviews are highly regarded, and you are encouraged to share your experience through reviews. If you encounter any issues with the service, our customer care service center is ready to assist you.

      All professionals offering home deep cleaning services on the app undergo a verification process by Oyebusy. They are experienced experts with comprehensive profiles visible on the app and website, ensuring trustworthiness and reliability.

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      About Home Deep Cleaning Services in Sushant Lok 2, Gurgaon

      As life becomes busy, finding time to keep up with all the household activities can be a huge challenge. But a clean and organized home is important for mental and physical health. That is where our home deep cleaning in Sushant Lok 2, Gurgaon comes into the picture, and we can help you free up your schedule and allow you to spend more time doing what you love.

      Why choose Oyebusy Home Deep Cleaning in Sushant Lok 2, Gurgaon

      • Our cleaning company completely understands the importance of having a clean home. We offer the best quality house cleaning services in Sushant Lok 2, Gurgaon, customized to meet your specific needs.
      • We have a team of experts who are well-experienced and reliable, and they have the best equipment with the latest cleaning tools and technologies.
      • Use eco-friendly cleaning products which are safe for your family, and our cleaning services are specially designed to provide you with a lot of Peace of Mind that comes with a clean home.
      • Being the best home cleaning service company, we understand every house is different, and every homeowner has a different cleaning requirement.
      • With our professional cleaning services, you can expect only the best cleaning services, as we have a customized plan to meet your specific preferences.
      • We will customize the cleaning services to focus on the areas needing attention. You do not need to worry about anything with us as we offer the best services only.

      Rely on #1 house cleaning services in Sushant Lok 2, Gurgaon

      Our professional deep cleaning services in Sushant Lok 2, Gurgaon can help you free up your schedule and allow you to spend time that needs attention, and you can do what you like instead of cleaning. If you are looking for the best quality home cleaning service in your vicinity that meet your needs, choose our cleaning company now. Connect with us and schedule an appointment in no time!