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Premium Cleaning
  • Empty Apartment Premium Cleaning - OyeBusyEmpty Apartment Premium Cleaning - OyeBusy
    Stopwatch icon5 hour 50 min
    5 options
    • Wiping & mopping of floor & balcony, bathroom deep cleaning
    • Includes floor deep cleaning using single disc machine
  • 45005062
    Stopwatch icon8 hour
    5 options
    • Deep cleaning of bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen & balcony
    • Floor deep cleaning by single disc machine, vacuuming of sofa & carpets
  • Empty Independent Home Premium Cleaning - OyeBusyEmpty Independent Home Premium Cleaning - OyeBusy
    Stopwatch icon13 hour 59 min
    7 options
    • Wiping & mopping of floor & balcony, bathroom deep cleaning
    • Includes floor deep cleaning using single disc machine
  • Independent Home Premium Cleaning - OyeBusyIndependent Home Premium Cleaning - OyeBusy
    Stopwatch icon13 hour 35 min
    7 options
    • Deep cleaning of bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen & balcony.
    • Floor deep cleaning by single disc machine, vacuuming of sofa & carpets
Platinum Cleaning
  • 54996187
    Stopwatch icon10 hour 10 min
    5 options
    • Areas of Premium + deep cleaning of wooden floor & furniture
    • Includes wet vacuuming of sofa, mattresses and cushioned chairs
Mini Services
  • 2 cupbards' wet wiping (except kitchen) - OyeBusy2 cupbards' wet wiping (except kitchen) - OyeBusy
    Stopwatch icon40 min
    • Cleaning of the exterior surface & all interior part of one double-door wardrobe
    • Please empty your wardrobe before the professional arrives
  • Carpet Shampooing (Upto 25 sq. ft.) - OyeBusyCarpet Shampooing (Upto 25 sq. ft.) - OyeBusy
    Stopwatch icon30 min
    • 1 person | 40 mins | Deep cleaning
    • Cleaning & shampooing of carpet
  • Fridge Cleaning - OyeBusyFridge Cleaning - OyeBusy
    Stopwatch icon30 min
    • Deep cleaning of one fridge's interiors and exteriors
    • Dry cleaning of the back side
  • Furniture Wet Wiping - OyeBusyFurniture Wet Wiping - OyeBusy
    Stopwatch icon30 min
    • Home Renovation Waste Disposal - OyeBusyHome Renovation Waste Disposal - OyeBusy
      Stopwatch icon30 min
      • Disposal of 5 kg waste generated after carpentry work
    • Servant Room Cleaning - OyeBusyServant Room Cleaning - OyeBusy
      Stopwatch icon1 hour
      • Sofa & Cushions Shampooing (Upto 5 Seater) - OyeBusySofa & Cushions Shampooing (Upto 5 Seater) - OyeBusy
        Stopwatch icon40 min
        • Dusting & vacuuming of sofa to remove dirt & deposited dust
        • Dusting & vacuuming of cushions & their covers
      • Sticker, Glue & Heavy Paint Mark Removal - OyeBusySticker, Glue & Heavy Paint Mark Removal - OyeBusy
        Stopwatch icon20 min
        • Sticker and rigid paint mark removal from floor, tiles, furniture.

      We provide the Full Home Deep Cleaning Service in Ahmedabad, A Clean and tidy home is always a happy home. You love to keep your home clean and keep everything organized perfectly. But due to various reasons, you may not have the chance to clean the house completely. You would prefer a normal cleaning that lasts a day or two. Then again you have to clean the entire house. Not every person has the persistence to clean and you always wish to give this tiring position to somebody who has a deep understanding of cleaning and somebody who knows how to utilize the cleaning contraptions. OyeBusy Home Cleaning Service in Ahmedabad perfectly knows what you need at this point of time. You need a House Cleaning Service in Ahmedabad.

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      • OyeBusy Home Services provided excellent service! They were prompt, professional, and fixed my issue with ease. I highly recommend their services for anyone in need of home repairs.
      • I'm very impressed with OyeBusy Home Services. Their team was friendly and knowledgeable, and they quickly resolved my problem. I'll definitely use them again for any future home service needs.
      • I had a great experience with OyeBusy Home Services. Their technicians were skilled and efficient, and the pricing was reasonable. I'm a satisfied customer and would gladly recommend them.

      FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

      Home deep cleaning includes everything that a standard cleaning by a house maid will not. For starters, the equipment and the number of people involved in the process are more. A manual cleaning would usually just involve sweeping the floor, dusting and perhaps cleaning the ceiling fans grudgingly. Home deep cleaning includes cleaning every nook and corner of your house in the best way possible.

      Oyebusy’s promise with home deep cleaning service (and every other offering we have) is to give you: highly trained professionals who hold the highest standards of quality, high quality of products- cleaning agents that are professional grade.

      If you book the home deep cleaning service from Oyebusy, here is what is not included in the service: cleaning of utensils, walls and ceiling, floor polishing, wet shampooing of blinds, chair, sofa and carpets & polishing of wooden furniture.

      It depends on the service, the package you choose and the size of your house (number of bedrooms). At the time of booking, we give you a fair idea of the duration of the service in the "view details" section. On an average, home deep cleaning takes about 6 hours.

      We give you the provision to pick the service in its entirety by booking a full deep cleaning service or just select services that cover certain parts of your house. Apart from the many options available, you can simply go for the balconies and window cleaning package.

      Yes, we do. If you do not wish to go for the home deep cleaning service, you can choose any specific service or a package in furniture cleaning.

      The products used by our professional deep cleaners are of the highest grade in the market and are safe for pets as well.

      Ideally, it would be better if you are home to ensure that the job is done to your liking. If there are particular areas in your house where you need more attention, you can always communicate that to the cleaning professional.

      There are no extra charges or hidden costs involved. What you see on the app, is what you get. When you book the service, there are details given in the app of what you can get for the money you pay. It doesn't matter if your house has never been cleaned or has been cleaned regularly.

      Yes, we do. You can log on to the Oyebusy app and search for office deep cleaning or commercial cleaning in the services section to check the availability of the service in your location.

      We clean anything from a studio apartment to a villa. The options on the app give you the provision to book any type of home deep cleaning service. If you do not find your option on the app, get in touch with the professional by selecting a service closest to what you want and communicate the same to the professional, to find out the right cost. In case you face any issue, give our customer service center a call.

      We request you to remove all the expensive and valuable items from the cabinets and the wardrobes before the internal cleaning begins. Anything kept outside or in a showcase or a trolley also needs to be removed. Apart from this, we recommend you have a detailed discussion with the assigned professional so you can communicate your expectations from the service.

      At Oyebusy, we hold the highest standards of quality, which is why, becoming a partner on Oyebusy is a long process that has multiple levels of quality checks. We also hold the customer reviews in the highest regard and urge you to leave a pleasant or an unpleasant review based on your experience. If you face any issue with the service, our customer care service center would be happy to help you with the same.

      All professionals available for home deep cleaning service on the app are verified by Oyebusy. They are professionals with significant experience in the field and have detailed profiles that are visible on the app and our website.

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      About Home Deep Cleaning Service in Ahmedabad

      The Home Cleaning Service in Ahmedabad exclusively cleans every niche and corner of your house. It is certain that you may leave out certain places that like cleaning the house. Our diligent team of cleaners will carefully clean the entire house including the sofa, drapes, exterior of every appliance, sinks, mirrors in the bathroom, shower heads, dust from the chimney, cobwebs and the list goes on. We make sure that we do not miss out on anything in your house and we will provide you with the best house deep cleaning service. To know more you can download our application from Playstore, enter your contact details and choose the desired service. Our team will reach out to you immediately and will accompany you with the best service. 

      Highlights of our Home Cleaning Service:

      Typical cleaning alludes to the general cleaning of the house. It keeps up with just a specific degree of tidiness in your home. In typical cleaning, you vacuum and mop the floor, dust the furniture and clean the washroom floor, mirror and sink. We won't invest all the energy cleaning every element of the house and it would be a fundamental cleaning process. 

      In a home deep cleaning service, cleaners from OyeBusy will help you in a deep cleaning service covering everything in your house. We have been known to have provided the best house cleaning service in Ahmedabad and still we give our best to make your home a sweet home.

      Living Room Cleaning:

      • Scrubbing and Cleaning the floor

      Floor on the living room will be scrubbed, cleaned and mopped neatly. The edges between each tile will be carefully cleaned. 

      • Carpets and mats

      Cleaning carpets and mats, cleaning the carpet area 

      • Doors and windows, top corners 

      Cleaning door handles, window sills, window panes, removing dust and cobwebs from the ceiling and the top corners of the room.

      • Lights, Ceiling fan/ AC

       Cleaning the lights, ceiling fan/ AC, cleaning the ceiling and the top corners.

      • Sofa Cleaning

      Removing stains and dust from the sofa, vacuuming the entire sofa and in between the cushions.

      • Furniture cleaning

      All the furniture in the living room will be cleaned. The place under them will also be cleaned. 

      • Dust the electronics

      All the electronics such as tv, home theaters, clocks and others will be dusted.

      • Picture and wall hangings

      Framed pictures and wall hangings will be cleaned.

      Bedroom Cleaning:

      • Cleaning the floor

      Cleaning and mopping the floor, cleaning below every furniture. 

      • Cleaning the door and window

      Dusting and cleaning the door, edges, cleaning the door knobs, completely cleaning the windows.

      • Lights, Ceiling fan/ AC

      Cleaning the lights, ceiling fan/ AC, cleaning the ceiling and the top corners.

      • Cleaning the mattress

      Vacuuming the mattress and pillow, washing bedspreads, pillow covers, cleaning under the bed. 

      • Organizing the wardrobe

      Cleaning and nearly arranging the clothes and other belongings.

      Bathroom Deep Cleaning:

      • Scrubbing and cleaning the floor

      Cleaning the bathroom floor, cleaning the drain

      • Cleaning the shower head, taps, shower hose

      Carefully cleaning the showerhead, taps and the shower hose and disinfecting them

      • Buckets, mugs, mirrors and sink

      Cleaning and disinfecting buckets, mugs, and the sink, cleaning the mirrors

      • Shelves

      Cleaning and arranging the shelves. 

      Kitchen Deep Cleaning:

      • Scrubbing and Cleaning the floor

      Floor on the living room will be scrubbed, cleaned and mopped neatly. The edges between each tile will be carefully cleaned. 

      • Sinks, taps and shelves

      Cleaning and disinfecting sinks and taps, cleaning and arranging the shelves.

      • Appliances

      Exterior and interior cleaning of appliances such as microoven, stove and stove burners, blender and others, arranging the utensils.

      • Refrigerator

      Cleaning and disinfecting the refrigerator, carefully organizing all the items inside.

      • Exhaustion fan

      Cleaning and removing oil stains from the exhaustion fan.

      How the House Deep Cleaning Service from OyeBusy is different from others:

      • We team OyeBusy provide the best home deep cleaning service through our professional cleaners who undergo rigorous training before getting on the track. We train them in such a way that they perform their job to the fullest with the complete focus and knowledge of the work.
      • The home deep cleaning service team from OyeBusy are punctual and they will arrive at your doorstep at the appointed time without any delay. They also  have a good knowledge about your city so that they can reach their destination in a short period of time.
      • The cleaners have a good knowledge about each appliance. They know how they function and their importance. Hence,they take paramount importance and care while cleaning them without causing any damage. 
      • They use eco-friendly cleaning agents that have a mild frAhmedabadnce and are approved by the experts. It will make you and your households feel better instead of getting nauseous or headaches. This enables you to experience the real freshness in your house.
      • The cost of service is very fair. The local cleaners or the maids may not provide a quality service but try to get a large sum of money. But we OyeBusy assure you that we will provide the service for a reasonable cost.  
      • We train our cleaners with all the necessary skills and one of the most important of them all is the communication skill. Our cleaners and team make sure that they are in constant touch with you until the completion of the service. If there are any issues, they will inform you immediately so that you will be constantly updated about the whereabouts and the status of the cleaners. 

      Why choose OyeBusy?

      • We provide professional and well trained cleaners who have received more than 4 star ratings from previous customers.
      • The cleaners are punctual and will arrive at the appointed time to the given address. 
      • We care about the safety of the customers, hence providing safe and secured service.  
      • Online payment is available for safe payment.